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NFPA Standards






NFPA Electrical Standards are available to Berkeley Lab users through the IHS subscription. An LDAP login is required to view the IHS access Instruction Page.

The following links provide useful resources related to NFPA electrical standards.

NFPA 70, National Electrical Code

Current Edition: 2014, LBNL Edition: 2011, Next Edition: 2017

NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Current Edition: 2015, LBNL Edition: 2012, Next Edition: 2018

NFPA 70B, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance

Current Edition: 2013, Next Edition: 2016

NFPA 77, Recommended Practice on Static Electricity

Current Edition: 2014, Next Edition: 2019

NFPA 79, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery

Current Edition: 2015, Next Edition: 2018

NFPA 790, Standard for Competency of Third-Party Field Evaluation Bodies

Current Edition: 2014, Next Edition: 2018

NFPA 791, Recommended Practice and Procedures for Unlabeled Electrical Equipment Evaluation

Current Edition: 2014, Next Edition: 2018