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NEW! AHJ Structure Change

Below are the new Electrical AHJ Delegation letters. Here are a few notable changes:

  • There are now only 2 AHJ’s instead of 3. Mark Scott will be taking over the role of Electrical AHJ for Safe Equipment from Henrik von der Lippe.
  • The Electrical AHJ for Safe Equipment is now called the Electrical AHJ for Unlisted Equipment. All approvals for non-NRTL equipment, whether premises wiring, utilization, facilities or R&D, will flow through the processes outlined in Chapter 14 EESP.
  • The delegation chain now flows through the EHS Division Director, Jim Floyd, who has taken on the new responsibility of managing all AHJs (including electrical, fire and building code official) as part of a new Code Enforcement Unit.
  • There is now a differentiation between technical authority, retained by Dennis and Mark Scott, and enforcement authority, retained by Jim Floyd and Glenn Kubiak and explicitly designated in the chain of delegation letters.
  • When AHJ’s go on vacation, we now have the option of delegating to our deputies instead of just to each other.

Chapter 8 and 14 in PUB-3000, as well as QEW training materials, will be updated as soon as practicable to reflect these changes.

AHJ Letter, Mark Scott AHJ Letter, Dennis Nielsen

Click here for complete AHJ Delegation Letters

Argonne National Laboratory Presentation

During a recent visit to Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Mark Scott was invited to deliver a presentation about Changing the Electrical Safety Culture.  This presentation was originally made at the 2017 IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop, but was adapted for the local audience.  You can view this presentation on YouTube by clicking on the video.

The Electrical Safety Program needs your input and suggestions!

The Safety Culture Forum is a place for you to share information and bring your concerns and challenges in implementing the new requirements.  Please join the conversation!