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2023 Subcontractor Training Dates Schedule Training


Mon Oct 2     8:00 AM: EHS0581 – Subcontractor Electrical Safety Orientation
Tue Oct 3 *    8:00 AM: EHS0556 – QEW 2 Practical Preparation

Mon Nov 13 *   8:00 AM: EHS0581 – Subcontractor Electrical Safety Orientation
Tue Nov 14 *     8:00 AM: EHS0556 – QEW 2 Practical Preparation

Mon Dec 4     8:00 AM: EHS0581 – Subcontractor Electrical Safety Orientation
Tue Dec 5 *     8:00 AM: EHS0556 – QEW 2 Practical Preparation

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Updated: Sep 11, 2023

For information on QEW 3 training, contact your ESO.


At Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), safety is our top priority. We comply with numerous federal, state, and industry consensus standards. When you work here as a subcontractor, you are required to adhere to all of these standards. In order to help you to work safely and efficiently, we are providing links to assist in complying with some of our requirements for electrical safety. LBNL has many resources available to you to help you work safely and in compliance with the rules. If you need assistance understanding or implementing any safety practices, please contact your LBNL point-of-contact, such as the construction manager, and he or she will arrange for the appropriate people to assist you.

Electrical Safety Manual_FINAL_6-26-2015For further detail on LBNL requirements for electrical work and Lockout/Tagout (LOTO), see LBNL PUB-3000 Chapter 8 (Electrical Safety), LBNL Electrical Safety Manual, and Chapter 18 (Lockout/Tagout and Verification).

Subcontractor employers need to ensure their employees comply with all regulations when their work is covered by a federal or state code or standard. All electrical wiring and equipment installations must comply with the National Electrical Code®, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, and other consensus industry standards for electrical safety and engineering.

Qualified Electrical Workers (QEWs)

Whether an employee, affiliate, student, visitor, or subcontractor, it is the goal of the Lab to identify and control electrical hazards to prevent fatalities and injuries from hazardous electrical energy.  Shocks, electrocution, and burns are not acceptable.

The Lab motto of Test Before Touch is an important concept in preventing these injuries.  Verification of deenergized conditions must be performed by a person who has skills and knowledge of the hazards and equipment, and has been properly trained to identify and avoid the hazards of electrical energy.


Berkeley Lab is also required to follow OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements, which both require that we ensure that persons who work on electricity and electrical equipment be Qualified Electrical Workers (QEWs), who are trained in electrical safe work practices, and have shown proficiency in the appropriate skills, knowledge, and PPE.

For this reason, persons involved in electrical work at the Lab are required to be Qualified Electrical Workers, and show proof of their qualifications.

Electrical Work

Electrical work is any task requiring a Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW). This includes any work that involves a shock or arc flash hazard or that could create potential shock or arc flash hazards for future users.

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What Type of Electrical Work Will You be Performing?

Non-Construction Electrical Work


Construction Electrical Work

Activities that do not create a new facility or alter, add to, rehabilitate, dismantle, or remove an existing facility, including any combination of engineering, procurement, erection, installation, assembly, demolition, or fabrication.

This includes vendors performing maintenance and service contracts on R&D or other equipment, and is normally covered under an sJHA.

Any combination of erection, installation, assembly, demolition, or fabrication activities involved to create a new facility or to alter, add to, rehabilitate, dismantle, or remove an existing facility. It also includes the alteration and repair (including dredging, excavating, and painting) of buildings, structures, or other real property, as well as any construction, demolition, and excavation activities conducted as part of environmental restoration or remediation efforts.
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If you are performing job tasks required to be completed by a Qualified Electrical Worker, then we need to know. You can check the QEW list by clicking here:

QEW List

If you do not find your name on the list and need to get on the list, contact your Electrical Safety Officer (ESO) located on the Contact Us page. They can look at the work you’d like to perform and assist you with determining the QEW level required and application process. We’ll need some information regarding your electrical experience and previous training.