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Klein NCVT-1 Voluntary Safety Recall

June 11, 2021

June 11, 2021 Klein has issued a recall on some of their NCVT-1 non-contact voltage testers where an operator error (keeping the on/off button depressed) would erroneously indicate that the tool is ready to detect voltage by providing a green light at the tip of the tool when it in fact is not ready. Most of the non-contact voltage detectors (proximity detectors)  that are being used at the laboratory are made by Fluke.  Proximity detectors of this type are widely available and many people use them at home. Klein is a well known manufacturer of electrical tools for industry. Those in possession of Klein NCVT should verify the model of the detector; if the detector is an NCVT-1 then look at the corresponding date codes and follow the manufacturer instructions available here. If the Laboratory has provided you with one of the detectors included in this recall, please let your DSC and ESC representative know so that we can keep track at the Laboratory of potential impact/extent of conditions.  

Fluke Recalls T110, T130 and T150 Two-Pole Voltage Testers

December 13, 2018

Please be on the lookout for Fluke T-Pole Testers (Fluke T110, T130, and T150, pictured below). These have been recalled because they may fail to indicate that live voltage is present. If you see any of these, take them out of service immediately and turn in to the Electrical Safety Group.   Link to the Fluke page: Recall notice As a reminder, only those meters and testers listed in Appendix E of the Electrical Safety Manual are approved for ZVV. Fluke T-Pole Testers are not on the approved list.

Eaton Recalls 30-60A Heavy-Duty Safety Disconnect Switches

July 19, 2018

ISSUE: We have been notified that certain types of Eaton Heavy-Duty Safety Disconnect Switches (30 and 60 Amp) may have a serious manufacturing defect. The switch may fail to disconnect power even when the handle is pulled down to the off position. It should NOT be used for LOTO and will have to be replaced or repaired. At this point, the focus is identifying if and where we may have these switches. Repairs will be effected in a planned fashion through Facilities.   Detailed information can be found here: Eaton link ACTION: Be on the lookout for (BOLO) any 30 or 60 Amp Eaton Switch that has a similar appearance to the one in the attached photo. If found, email electricalsafety@lbl.gov with information about the location. We will schedule an immediate visit by a qualified person to determine whether this switch is subject to the recall. DO NOT RELY on any 30 or 60 A switch for LOTO unless you are certain it is not part of the affected units. Instead, LOTO upstream at the breaker panel.

Schneider Recalls General Duty Safety Switches

April 24, 2018

Safety Alert Schneider Electric Recalls Square D Brand General Duty Safety Switches Schneider electric has recalled their Square D Brand General Duty 30 & 60A, 120/240 Volt 2-phase and 3-phase NEMA 3R Safety Switches. The power can stay on even when the switch is in the “OFF” position. This poses a serious shock or electrocution hazard. The recalled switches were manufactured from January 1, 2014 through January 18, 2018. See photo below for an example switch affected by the Safety Alert.

Extech Recalls Digital Clamp Meters Due to Electrocution Hazard (Multiple Models)

May 30, 2017

The meters can fail to give an accurate voltage reading, resulting in the operator falsely believing the electrical power is low or off, posing an electrocution hazard. Extech received two reports of clamp meters displaying an incorrect voltage reading. No injuries have been reported. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled digital clamp meters and contact Extech for a free replacement meter. The models include: EX650 and 655 MA160 MA61 MA63 These models are all AC/DC clamp meters, which are electrical testing devices that measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, continuity, and diode. Serial numbers in the following format are included in the recall: R15XXXXXXX to R17XXXXXXX. Only serial numbers in this range are included in the recall. The “EXTECH” logo and the model number are printed on the front of the unit and the serial number on the back. The digital clamp meters are green and orange. Link to DOE Article Link to Consumer Products Safety Commissions (CSPC) Article      

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