Berkeley Lab

Sources For LOTO Supplies in eBuy

Below you will find some standard LOTO Supplies. Click the item name to view the full item at the supplier web site. Any of these items can be purchased through the eBuy system HERE at MSC Industrial Supply Co.

Alternatively, the Lab has a B2B contract with McMaster-Carr.  Call them at (562) 692-5911 and give them a Project/Activity Number when you place your order.

Recommended LOTO Locks
Red Lock American Lock – RED Lockout Padlock, Keyed Different, Aluminum
Red Lock Long American Lock – RED Lockout Padlock, Long Hasp, Keyed Different, Aluminum
 Red Lock Keyed Alike American Lock – RED Lockout Padlock, Keyed Alike, Aluminum
 Do Not Operate Tag General Master Lock 2-Sided “Danger, Do Not Operate” Lockout Tag
Note: For Lab-Specific Tags, Click the “I Need LOTO Tags” button, above
 LOTO Hasp Master Lock Scissor-Action Single Jaw Lockout Hasp
 Group LOTO Box  Master Lock Portable Group Lockout Box
 Group LOTO Box Wallmount  Master Lock Portable or Wall Mount Group Lockout Box
  LOTO Devices
 Cable LOTO  Master Lock 6ft Adjustable Pull-Tight Cable Lockout
 Circuit Breaker LOTO  Circuit Breaker LOTO Devices
 Plug LOTO  Plug LOTO devices
 Gate Valve LOTO  Rotating Gate Valve Wheel Lockout (Multiple Options)
Note: Multiple size options are available from this distributor.