Berkeley Lab

Electrical Equipment Safety Program

NRTL 03NRTL 02NRTL 01Need to buy some new equipment? Getting equipment loaned, transferred, or gifted? Click this link to download an Electrical Equipment Acquisition Guide for Researchers.

All electrical equipment must be approved for use at Berkeley Lab through the Electrical Equipment Safety Program (EESP). The purpose of the EESP is to ensure the safe installation of electrical equipment. Unsafe electrical equipment can pose serious electrocution and fire hazards unless identified by qualified electrical inspectors and remedied by qualified electrical workers.

Under the EESP, the ultimate authority for accepting electrical utilization equipment is the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

NRTL-Listed equipment is automatically considered acceptable by the Berkeley Lab AHJ, and is approved for use provided the equipment is not modified and is installed and used within the manufacturer’s listing intent. NRTL-Listed equipment consists of any electrical equipment that has been accepted, certified, labeled, or listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). NRTL’s are identified by OSHA.

NRTL ReminderElectrical equipment that is not NRTL-Listed must satisfactorily pass a documented electrical safety inspection to ensure that all applicable safety codes have been applied. This inspection process is implemented through the EESP.

Click here for a current list of OSHA-approved NRTL’s.