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For Surveyors

An EESP Survey is the identification and documentation of non-NRTL listed/labeled electrical equipment into the EESP database so that an EESP inspection can be performed.

All electrical utilization equipment that is not labeled by an NRTL must be surveyed.

Electrical utilization equipment that is already labeled by an NRTL is not required to be surveyed.

Electrical utilization equipment that is already field evaluated and labeled by a Third-Party Field Evaluation Program is not required to be surveyed.

Surveyors are personnel identified by their division to conduct surveys to identify and document Unlisted equipment within their organization, and are officially referred to as Electrical Equipment Surveyors.   Surveyors are responsible for applying AHJ barcode labels to Unlisted equipment and entering the equipment information into the EESP database. All designated Electrical Equipment Surveyors, before conducting surveys, must be familiar with PUB-3000, Chapter 14, and complete:

Prospective surveyors should download the training PDF, read the document, and follow the test instructions found on Page 25 of the PDF. Upon completing the EHS0381 course, the surveyors are issued a set of survey labels and provided with access to the EESP database.

Divisions are responsible for surveying all of their own equipment. The division may designate as many equipment surveyors as is necessary.

Survey Criteria for New Equipment: New equipment must be surveyed immediately upon delivery to the Equipment Supervisor.

Survey Criteria for Legacy Equipment: All electrical equipment, whether custom-built or commercially made, must be examined to determine if it is labeled by an NRTL. Equipment that is not labeled by an NRTL must be considered Unlisted and must be AHJ barcode labeled and entered into the database. NRTL-Listed equipment is not to be entered into the database unless it has been modified or is being used for some purpose outside of the original design intent.
AHJ Barcode
Required survey labeling: All Unlisted equipment must be labeled with a Berkeley Lab AHJ barcode, and the identifying information must be entered into the database.

AHJ Out of ServiceIf the equipment is in storage and not expected to be used, it is not required to be surveyed. However, it must be prominently labeled “EQUIPMENT OUT OF SERVICE – AHJ INSPECTION NEEDED BEFORE USING”.

Recommended survey labeling: NRTL-Listed equipment may be optionally labeled with a green “NRTL LISTED” label. The purpose AHJ NRTL Labelof this label is to indicate that the surveyor found an NRTL mark somewhere on the equipment and no further action is required. This label is not mandatory, and there is no requirement to document NRTL-Listed equipment.

It is not necessary to examine standard office equipment, supplies, and appliances, such as personal desktop/laptop computers, cell phone chargers, copiers, kitchen appliances, and desk lamps. This equipment is nearly always NRTL Listed. However, when such equipment is discovered to be Unlisted, it should either be replaced with its Listed equivalent or surveyed if the determination is that no Listed equivalent is commercially available.

Some Listed power supplies with an output <50 V do not present any hazard of shock or fire to the powered load. Examples include typical consumer cell phone and laptop computer power supplies. These are marked with one of the following:

  • Class 2
  • ITE or Information Technology Equipment
  • SELV or Separated Extra Low Voltage