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Electrical Safety Manual, Revision  2

Revision 2, dated 11/25/2019, of the LBNL Electrical Safety Manual is now in place.   This revision is  updated to the 2018 NFPA 70E, recent EFCOG best practices, and other improvements identified by the Electrical Safety Committee.  These include:

  • Incorporates risk assessment terminology, job safety plans and human performance guidelines for Risk Management
  • Added DC arc flash requirements and calculator tool
  • Revised switching rules
  • Added Guidelines and requirements on overdutied panels
  • Added section on Automatic Voltage Testers
  • Added Guidelines on Look-Alike Equipment, Lasers, Welders, and Vaults & Manholes
  • Modifications to Capacitors to match EFCOG submittal to NFPA 70E-2021, and the DOE Electrical Safety Handbook

The Electrical Safety Manual is an exhaustive resource that provides the rules and direction for all electrical work at LBNL to keep everyone safe from electrical hazards and meet the requirements of the applicable codes and standards.  Click to download.


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