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New Emergency Response Protocol

Berkeley Lab has updated its Electrical Injury Emergency Response protocol. Click on the Emergency Response button on the right.

Changes include:

  • We will no longer use a fire alarm pull station to activate the Emergency Medical System. Pulling the fire alarm only creates more confusion when the building is evacuated.
  • Focus is on using a landline to get the fastest response.
  • Dedicated webpage on this site
  • New field guide FG-00
  • Use of QR codes to quickly access the webpage from your phone (scan with camera or QR code reader)
  • Electrical injury notification form is now online in a Google Form and goes straight to Health Services.
  • Posters and badge cards have been created.
  • Training modules for QEWs and Standby Persons have been updated.

More to come:

  • The Lab’s emergency flipcharts will be updated with this content.
  • The In Case of Crisis app will be updated (the link still works and redirects to the new material).

Submit all feedback to [email protected].​

FG-00 Electrical Injury Emergency Response



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