Berkeley Lab

How to Obtain Electrical PPE/Tools

Below you will find some standard, recommended PPE and safety equipment. Items can be purchased through the eBuy system HERE.

For non-standard PPE items not listed below, please contact your ESO/ESA for assistance.

Balaclava  Arc-Rated Balaclava
Coveralls  Arc-Rated Coveralls
10cal/cm2 Stanco Safety Products
unnamed  Salisbury AS1000HAT, 10 cal/cm2 Faceshield Kit
Faceshield  Salisbury AS1200HAT, 12 cal/cm2 Weight Balancing Faceshield Kit
Hood  HRC 4 Arc Flash Hood
47cal/cm2 Stanco Safety Products
Full Kit  HRC 4 Arc Flash Kit
47cal/cm2 Stanco Safety Products
 Vest  Arc-Rated Hi-Visibility Vest
Insulated Screwdriver Flat01  Klein Insulated Flat Screwdriver
Insulated Screwdriver Phillips01  Klein Insulated Phillips Screwdriver
Insulated Cutter 01  Klein Insulated Wire Cutters
Insulated Strippers 01  Klein Insulated Wire Strippers
Rubber Insulating Gloves 01  Salisbury Class 0 Rubber-Insulating Gloves + Leather Protectors
Glove Bag  Rubber-Insulating Glove Storage Bag
Glove Testes  Rubber-Insulating Glove Field Air Tester
00071548,I,,best,  Fluke Non-Contact AC Voltage Sensor