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To request the support of a Qualified Electrical Worker for electrical equipment:

Repair, Modification, and Fabrication of Laboratory Electrical Equipment


  • If the electrical work involves a building or infrastructure, submit a work request through the Facilities Work Request CenterClick on the “General Work Request” link after logging in with your LDAP.
  • Or call x6274.
EESP Inspection Support
AHJ Fail AHJ Conditional Acceptance

If your EESP inspection resulted in a “Conditional Acceptance” or the equipment “Failed” inspection:

  • Request support from either Engineering or Facilities above, as advised by the equipment inspector.

Electrical AHJ Installation Review and Inspection Request

  • You can request a IAHJ review of electrical installation scope of work for applicable testing and inspection requirements in accordance with the Safe Electrical Installation Policy.
  • This form also serves as a request for inspections with a minimum of 48 hours advanced noticed (for business hours inspections), a minimum of 2 weeks for weekend days, and 1 month for any holiday.
  • Request Form

Not Sure Who to Call?

If you are unsure of what you need, or simply need additional assistance: