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Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW)


Are you an approved Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW)? Only an approved QEW may perform electrical work, including zero-energy verification after Lockout/Tagout (LOTO), at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). Approved QEWs are issued an LBNL QEW Badge with training expiration date stickers.

If you’re not a QEW, avoid accidental contact with exposed electrical parts operating at a voltage greater than 50 volts to ground and having a current greater than 5 mA, which can cause serious injury or death.

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If you are performing job tasks required to be completed by a Qualified Electrical Worker, then we need to know. You can check the QEW list by clicking here:

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If you do not find your name on the list and need to get on the list, contact your Electrical Safety Officer (ESO) located on the Contact Us page. They can look at the work you’d like to perform and assist you with determining the QEW level required and application process. We’ll need some information regarding your electrical experience and previous training.



If you are not a Qualified Electrical Worker, but need some QEW help, click here:

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