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Schneider Recalls General Duty Safety Switches

Safety Alert

Schneider Electric Recalls Square D Brand General Duty Safety Switches

Schneider electric has recalled their Square D Brand General Duty 30 & 60A, 120/240 Volt 2-phase and 3-phase NEMA 3R Safety Switches. The power can stay on even when the switch is in the “OFF” position. This poses a serious shock or electrocution hazard. The recalled switches were manufactured from January 1, 2014 through January 18, 2018. See photo below for an example switch affected by the Safety Alert.

The switches subject to recall have the following catalog numbers:

CD321NRB            D211NRB            D221NRB            D221NRBUP           D321NRBCP            DU221RB            DU221RBUP

DU222RBUP          DU321RBUP       DU322RB            DU322RBUP           D211NRBCP            D221NRBCP       D321NRB

D321NRBUP          DU222RB            DU321RB            DU321RBCP           DU322RBCP

The catalog number may be visible as a sticker on the outside of the switch; however, information regarding the date of manufacture is located inside the switch enclosure and cannot be accessed with the switch in operation. Accessing the switch and verifying whether an installed safety switch is subject to this recall is required to be performed by an authorized Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW1 or higher).




There is a possibility that some of these switches may be in service at the Lab. If installed, it is likely they may be used in research applications as the affected switches are rated for General Duty versus Heavy Duty. Contact your Electrical Safety Officer or Advocate if you suspect that you may have one of the switches in service, so that arrangements can be made to schedule a Qualified Electrical Worker to inspect the installed unit and verify the switch for proper operation.

A list of LBNL Electrical Safety Officers and Electrical Safety Advocates for each division can be found at the following link: http://electricalsafety.lbl.gov/contact-us/

Link to Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall

Link to inspection and verification instructions