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Eaton Recalls 30-60A Heavy-Duty Safety Disconnect Switches

We have been notified that certain types of Eaton Heavy-Duty Safety Disconnect Switches (30 and 60 Amp) may have a serious manufacturing defect. The switch may fail to disconnect power even when the handle is pulled down to the off position. It should NOT be used for LOTO and will have to be replaced or repaired.
At this point, the focus is identifying if and where we may have these switches. Repairs will be effected in a planned fashion through Facilities.
Detailed information can be found here: Eaton link


  1. Be on the lookout for (BOLO) any 30 or 60 Amp Eaton Switch that has a similar appearance to the one in the attached photo.
  2. If found, email electricalsafety@lbl.gov with information about the location. We will schedule an immediate visit by a qualified person to determine whether this switch is subject to the recall.
  3. DO NOT RELY on any 30 or 60 A switch for LOTO unless you are certain it is not part of the affected units. Instead, LOTO upstream at the breaker panel.