Berkeley Lab

Alternative Training Options for Subcontractors

We understand that not all of our subcontractors will have the same needs or background with regards to implementing OSHA and NFPA 70E  training requirements for QEWs. The Berkeley Lab offers its own QEW training to Subcontractors in the following options. Note that the classes are offered on a no-charge basis: the Lab does not charge for attendance, and the Subcontractor does not charge the Lab for the time to send their employees. In many situations this can be a cost-effective alternative.

Note that the practical certification is always required and lasts 2 hours. It is the same as that required for all QEWs, whether employees or subcontractors, and only varies depending on QEW level or type of equipment serviced. Vendors have the option of being evaluated on their own equipment or in our EHS practical training center.

The Lab uses an external vendor for First Aid and CPR/AED training. As a result, we do not offer this to subcontractors.

Option A: Practical Preparation Class

In this option, subcontractor QEW’s are offered our QEW Practical Preparation class to help them prepare for the hands-on certification. This is an instructor-led, 4-hour hands-on session where the instructor demonstrates all aspects of the practical certification. The class is scheduled on demand and includes:

  • PPE inspection methods
  • Evaluation of scope of work
  • Hazard analysis (shock and arc flash)
  • Implementation of 70E and lab-specific controls
  • Full demonstration of a simple LOTO and Zero-Voltage Verification

Best for: subcontractors with an existing Electrical Safety Program, who have already received NFPA 70E training, and who would want additional preparation for passing the annual practical certification.

Option B: sJHA + Lab QEW Training

In this option, we waive the requirement for external NFPA 70E and the EHS581 or EHS0582 orientation courses. Instead, subcontractors may participate in our multi-day QEW classroom courses (QEW 1: 12 hours, QEW 2: 20 hours) and practical preparation (4 hours). See the QEW Training Page for more details. These classes are offered four times a year. All other subcontractor requirements remain, including Subcontractor LOTO Permits and the sJHA process.

Best for: subcontractors who do not have their own Electrical Safety Program, or for whom the cost of attending NFPA 70E training is a barrier.

Option C: WPC (Activity Manager) + Lab QEW Training

In this option, subcontractors are directly enrolled in the Lab’s institutional Work Planning and Control System (WPC). Essentially they are treated as affiliates to the Lab, are assigned to a work activity and receive all of the same training as one of our own employees. See the QEW Training Page for more details. In this case, the training requirements are the same as Option B, but the Subcontractor LOTO Permits and the sJHA process are not used.

Best for: subcontractors that are here on a near permanent basis, performing routine simple LOTO under little direct supervision.