Berkeley Lab

Subcontractor LOTO Permit

Red Lock Keyed Alike

All construction and non-construction subcontractors, all vendors, and all manufacturer representatives or other persons performing or participating in LOTO who are not covered under the Berkeley Lab employee programs are required to use the LOTO Permit process.

The subcontractor LOTO permit is a LOTO procedure designed specifically for subcontractors. It incorporates the standard Berkeley Lab LOTO procedure format with a process to verify that subcontractors have received the appropriate training and supervision prior to participating in a LOTO.  All subcontractors performing work for Berkeley Lab are required to conform to the Berkeley Lab LOTO Program. The LOTO Permit process is to ensure that subcontractors are adequately managed and protected from hazardous energy exposures.

All subcontractor LOTO permits require a designated LOTO Responsible Individual (RI) and are implemented as Complex LOTO Requiring a Responsible Individual. The LOTO RI submits Subcontractor LOTO permit requests to the LOTO Permit Database. The requests are reviewed by the designated LOTO Facility Manager who is responsible for the area involved. Final approval is performed by the LOTO RI. Prior to participating in any LOTO, subcontractors must have an approved and printed subcontractor LOTO permit and must be briefed by the designated LOTO RI.