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Eaton Electrical Meter Breakers Recall

Both Meter Breakers_LARGEMBED Safety Recall

Recall Date: December 2, 2014
Recall Number: 15-710

Eaton Recalls Electrical Meter Breakers Due to Shock Hazard (Recall Alert)

This recall involves MBED 3042 series residential meter breaker. The meter breakers are service entrance equipment systems that consist of a single meter socket and load center or a meter socket and main breaker combined in one enclosure. The meter breakers have gray metallic enclosures and measure about 14¼ inches wide by 42½ inches high by 7 inches deep. The recalled units have catalog numbers MBED3042B200BF, MBED3042B200BF6, MBED3042B225PV or MBED3042PV200BF. The catalog number is located on the unit’s packaging. The enclosures have a single warning label on the bottom of the lower right compartment door, which is secured with a latch and hasp at the bottom. Consumers should not open the meter breaker’s enclosure.

Units were sold at authorized distributors in California and Nevada from July 2014 through August 2014.

See additional information on the recall on the Eaton web site HERE.