Berkeley Lab

Draft 2 of Chapter 8 and the Electrical Safety Manual Out for Review

The second draft of the proposed revisions to the Lab’s  electrical safety program (PUB-3000, Chapter 8 and the Electrical Safety Manual) have been completed. Both documents are available for viewing. The initial drafts received close to 500 comments from across the lab. These comments were processed and voted on for resolution by an Electrical Safety Sub-Committee and have been incorporated into the current drafts. The next step will be a joint Safety Advisory Committee (SAC) and Electrical Safety Committee (ESC) effort in February to test the proposed electrical work categorization against the actual electrical work being performed in the labs.

This has been a huge effort and is a big change from how we have conducted business in the past. By focusing on the electrical hazards that we may be exposed to or expose others to in the course of our work, their removal and/or mitigation, and the associated electrical safe work practices, we are confident that we can create a vibrant electrical safety culture that furthers our scientific mission.

Want to get involved? Contact your Safety Advisory Committee representative for more information.