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Southwire Recalls Voltage Detectors Due to Shock and Burn Hazards

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This recall involves Southwire non-contact voltage detectors with model numbers 40110N and 40120N. Voltage detectors alert users to the presence of electric current running through electrical wires. The recalled voltage detectors are cylindrical shaped, about six inches long and about two inches in circumference. They are brownish gold in color with a black center insert. “Southwire,” the model number and the CE and UL listing symbols are printed on the voltage detectors.  They have red LED lights to indicate the presence of live electric current. Model 40110N detects voltage from 100 to 1,000 VAC. Model 40120N detects voltage from 24 to 1,000 VAC.

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NOTE: Non-Contact or Proximity Testers of this type are not authorized at Berkeley Lab for Zero Voltage Verification (ZVV). Always use a contact-type, high-impedance digital multimeter for ZVV.