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Operating Experience Level 3 – Frequent Hazardous Electrical Energy Related Events

OE-3 ImageThis Operating Experience Level 3 (OE-3) document provides information about a safety concern related to frequent hazardous electrical energy events during work at Department of Energy (DOE) facilities. In the first 5 months of 2016, three dozen hazardous electrical energy events were reported to the Occurrence Reporting and Processing System (ORPS), with some sites indicating that additional hazardous electrical energy events were entered into site systems because they were considered “sub-ORPS.” Most of the reports (32 of 36, or 88%) indicated that no corrective actions (CAs) had been assigned.

The potential danger of contact with electricity cannot be overstated. If CAs are not assigned every time a seemingly insignificant electrical event occurs, there is the real possibility that the next event may be fatal.

Click here OE-3 2016-06 to download this alert.