Berkeley Lab

Klein NCVT-1 Voluntary Safety Recall

June 11, 2021

Klein has issued a recall on some of their NCVT-1 non-contact voltage testers where an operator error (keeping the on/off button depressed) would erroneously indicate that the tool is ready to detect voltage by providing a green light at the tip of the tool when it in fact is not ready.

Klein Tools NCVT-1 Non-Contact Voltage Tester, 50-1000 Volts

Most of the non-contact voltage detectors (proximity detectors)  that are being used at the laboratory are made by Fluke.  Proximity detectors of this type are widely available and many people use them at home. Klein is a well known manufacturer of electrical tools for industry.
Those in possession of Klein NCVT should verify the model of the detector; if the detector is an NCVT-1 then look at the corresponding date codes and follow the manufacturer instructions available here.
If the Laboratory has provided you with one of the detectors included in this recall, please let your DSC and ESC representative know so that we can keep track at the Laboratory of potential impact/extent of conditions.