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Paul Alivisatos

In response to recent electrical work accidents at Berkeley Lab and other DOE Labs that have resulted in serious injuries, Berkeley Lab’s Director Paul Alivisatos has approved (as of 7/1/15) for implementation a brand new Electrical Safety Program. You can see the details in the following two documents:

  1. The revised PUB-3000 Chapter 8, Electrical Safety describes our institutional requirements and processes to ensure electrical safety in the workplace.
  2. The new Electrical Safety Manual, which expands on electrical hazard identification and controls following our Integrated Safety Management (ISM) principles.

Implementation is expected to last about a year. Contact your Division Electrical Safety Officer or Electrical Safety Advocate for more information about timelines.

The Electrical Safety Program needs your input and suggestions!

The Safety Culture Forum is a place for you to share information and bring your concerns and challenges in implementing the new requirements.  Please join the conversation!