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Safety Alert 2015-002: LOTO Hasp Breaks When Challenging Lock During LOTO

IMG_2888Facility Electricians had de-energized and performed zero energy verification for a piece of equipment as part of a Lockout/Tagout procedure. A multi-lock hasp was applied to the energy isolation as part of the LOTO.

An Engineering Technician planning to work on the LOTO’d equipment placed his lock and tag on the hasp, along with the other locks already applied. The technician noticed that the hasp was cocked at an odd angle. He then challenged the lock by tugging on it several times to ensure it was latched, per his LOTO training. The metal of the hasp snapped.

An immediate stop work was called, and Facilities electricians were called to re-establish and re-verify the LOTO before work continued. Read the full Alert for more information and recommendations:

Safety Alert 2015-002_Broken LOTO Hasp